Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Weigh-in Monday

Yes I disappeared again!!
I had a crazy surprise this morning. But first let me give my weight update.
Since I missed last Monday's weigh in post I'll put down those numbers as well.
Monday  - 23rd July   - 70.4 kg (Thanks to the food poisoning! I was down by more than a kg.)
Monday -  30th July  - 71.2( thanks to the careless eating, no exercise and general indulgence)
Though I only record my weekly weigh-ins I do weigh myself everyday, sometimes even twice a day!! Some people say you shouldn't keep weighing yourself so often, but I find I really need it.
So I stepped on the scales in this morning and was shocked beyond belief to see the scale touch the 60s for the first time in MONTHS maybe a year even!!!!

Tuesday -  31st July - 69.9!!!

How bizzare is that?! I do feel motivated to be good and exercise this week. I restarted the Shred this morning.

I really let go on the weekend and ate all sorts ranging from biryani to Tandoori Chicken to lots of trifle pudding that I made.(how can I not eat it?)

I've been following this weight loss blog recently called Roni's weigh and its really inspiring. Check out the progress pics.

 Food Journal
 When  What
Breakfast A bowl of watermelon
Lunch cabbage and carrot salad
Dinner A cup of palak paneer and one chapathi
In between Bites 3 crackers with tuna topping, 1 piece chicken 65, 2 pieces of chocolate, 4 big fried anchovies, 5 almonds,
Drinks 1 cup Green Tea
About 2 litres

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