Thursday, July 5, 2012

I'm really bad at titles

I started out today on a positive note but ended it feeling pretty depressed. When I weighed myself this morning I was thrilled to find I was a kg lighter than yesterday! I know it still cannot be counted as lost until I have the same reading consistently for a few days. Because I easily fluctuate a kilo up and down. Anyhoo had a boring day at work and decided to go shopping for a dress. I have this party to go to on Saturday and felt like getting something new. I haven't bought anything in a while. Also I'm pretty sure every single woman there will be half my size and dressed to the hilt. But after scouring about 6 stores over 2 hours and trying on a handful of dresses that actually fit me, I had NOTHING!!! I left the mall feeling super low and depressed. But the good thing is, this time, I did not use that as an excuse to buy myself some unhealthy, fatty comfort food only to regret it the minute I've finished eating it. I had gone prepared with an apple and guava to snack on and I did.

Food Journal
When What
Breakfast 2/3 of a large sweet mango
Lunch A bowl of cabbage, capsicum and apple salad with a curd and mustard dressing followed by a bowl of cut watermelon and half an apple
Dinner a cup of mushroom soup with some cabbage thrown in
In between Bites An apple in the evening. Half a tiny bun my mom baked with a dab of butter just before dinner. coupla spoons of potato fry. Coupla spoons of macaroni & cheese I made for Z's lunch.
30 day Shred Level 2
Not bad

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