Sunday, July 15, 2012

Help me I'm falling

Not been the best last few days. Slacked off on updating the blog. Also ate all sorts of unhealthy crap  yesterday cos I hadnt gone grocery shopping and there was not one thing to cook at home. So dug into the freezer for whatever rubbish I could find. felt terrible after I ate it of course. Plus I was meeting a friend who was visiting and we went out for dinner to a chinese place. But I did manage to get my workout in.
Here's what I ate on Saturday.

 Food Journal
 When  What
Breakfast 3 Tannys cheese sausages, one scrambled egg, baked beans and about 5 chicken nuggets. (could I have eaten anything worse?)
Lunch Rice, rasam, chicken masala and prawn masala (didnt overstuff tho, ate small quantities)
Dinner Chinese restaurant -  rice, noodles, prawns and lamb. 2 wontons and a crab stuffed prawn as starters. Resisted Dessert
In between Bites Hmm.. cant remember anything significant. couple of murrkus.
30 Day Shred, Level 3
No idea. Didn't keep track.

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