Thursday, July 12, 2012

The reason why...

Don't know why I'm feeling so exhausted all the time. My enthusiasm to stay on track is waning a bit and I need to find a way to boost it back up. I missed my workout today. :( Bad I know and ended up eating a little junk here and there.

I'm going to list down the top reasons why I want to lose weight and maybe that will remind me and get me back on track.
Here goes

1. I want to have another baby 
I need to be healthy and fit to do that. If I get pregnant at this weight I cant even imagine how huge I would be full term. Imagine being 90 kg and trying to lose that weight!! nohohoo

2. I want to be in good health for the long run.
Don't want all sorts of aches and pains and other diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol etc. all which run in my family. I HATE taking medication.

3. And of course I want to look hot!! :)
I don't want my 30's to fly by with me being a fatty. My last chance to look good and fit before I'm officially middle aged. I want to wear a swimsuit and not be so self conscious that I quickly jump in the pool when no one is looking. I want to be able to wear sexy dresses and tops with straps and halters. (I have never ever been able to)

 Food Journal
 When  What
Breakfast One boiled egg and oneboiled potato
Lunch 1 chapathi and half a cup of dal and some cabbage and carrot salad
Dinner Cabbage, carrot and cottage cheese salad and a piece of chicken
In between Bites nibbles of chicken, some chickpeas and some haldirams mixture a couple of sips of iced tea.
None :(
About 2 litres

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