Friday, July 6, 2012

Mind your own beeswax!

Where do people get off judging what you eat or don't eat?? The minute people think you're on some sort of  "diet" suddenly they are the diet police. "Ahh you think that's low calorie?" "That's not diet food" People who know nothing about you. People who have no clue what you ate for breakfast or dinner or what activity you did that day. People who have no clue what kind of plan you're on! But they know enough to tell you shouldn't be eating something. Mocking your attempt to eat healthy.
And people who constantly goad, attack and mock vegetarians!! Don't even get me started on them!! Get over it people.
Anyway it's all a bit annoying when you're trying hard to do something and people are just trying to sabotage you.
I gave in a little today and had a wee bit of biryani. Yes I caved. I'm really terrified of the weekend especially the party I'm going to tomorrow. I'm going to try hardest to not eat any of the short eats!
I think I should have dinner and go so that I'm not famished and end up binging.

Food Journal
When What
Breakfast A bowl of watermelon and 3 chickoos
Lunch Roast chicken salad from Subway
Dinner Dal and podalanga(think thats snake gourd) blended into a soup with some chicken bits. And then had the sinful 4 tablespoons of biryani.
In between Bites 5-6 pieces of cheese dosai that I made for Z
30 day Shred Level 2
Over 2 litres.

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